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Promote, Conserve and Develop

the unique culture and natural heritage in the District of Kinnaur including dialects, handloom & handicrafts, traditional kasht (carpentry), ornaments, arts & crafts, significant artisans work, embroidery and other allied work and activities having social cultural values not with a motive of profit.


Promote Kinnaur culture and society

To promote a society where people of diverse cultures are able to define their own development paradigm and fulfil their economic, social, cultural, and spiritual aspirations


Promote Kinnaur Handloom and Handicrafts

To promote, conserve and develop handloom & handicrafts and other allied work and activities having social cultural values not with a motive of profit.


How we help People of Kinnaur

We care a lot about the welfare of people of Kinnaur

Kinnaur Education

“We want more exposure for our children to the outside world”

Home for Homeless in Kinnaur

We help local people to build low cost houses with government schemes and aids

Promote Kinnauri Culture

We help Kinnauris to take their culture and traditions forward to new generations

Promote Traditional Trade

To develop, support and promote activities in existing and traditional trades

To Alleviate Poverty

To alleviate poverty by addressing hunger and food insecurity

Give Scholarship

Help institutions dealing with education for fellowships, scholarships and loans

Become a Volunteer

By volunteering with us, you will become a vital part of KInnaur Heritage Foundation and you will make a real difference to the lives of Kinnauri's

Make Donation

Make a donation now to contribute to funds that support Kinnauris. Never doubt that your donation can make a difference even if it is small.

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About Us

An NGO” founded by a team of young members who have a dream for prosperous promotion of Kinnauri culture and heritage in Himachal and across India. To fulfill this dream they registered an NGO with the name of “Kinnaur Heritage Foundation” (Society for Social Welfare & Cultural Heritage).

Promote Kinnauri Dialects

60% Complete

Promote Handloom & handicrafts

80% Complete

Promote Traditional Kasht

50% Complete

Promote Ornaments, arts & crafts

50% Complete

Promote Artisans work

50% Complete

Promote Embroidery

50% Complete

Promote Social welfare

50% Complete

Promote Education

50% Complete

Promote Sports

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Promote Religion

50% Complete

Promote Commerce

50% Complete

Promote Tourism

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Promote Charitable Work

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Promote Training and development programs

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Promote Agriculture and horticulture produce

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Team Kinnaur Heritage Foundation

Volunteers enrich our culture, strengthen our relationships and help to make our work more effective by contributing their time, skills, energy and enthusiasm.

Sh. Surat Negi


Smt. Amita Kumari


Sh. Devider Kumar

Gen Secretary

Latest Events

Explore latest events of Kinnaur Heritage Foundation

08 Sept, 2019

Kalpa, Kinnaur

Handloom Training Center

To uplift the dying local handicrafts and Handloom industry, 10 handloom training center was set up at Nichar, Kinnaur

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01 May, 2020

Kalpa, Kinnaur

Donation CM Care fund

In recent COVID Pandemic, donated 100000 to CM care fund on behalf of Kinnaur Heritage Foundation

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08 Feb, 2020

Kalpa, Kinnaur

Donation - Kinnauri Girl

On behalf of Kinnaur Heritage Foundation, a 10,000 thousand donated to TS Negi for education and college hostel fees

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08 May, 2020

Kalpa, Kinnaur

Food Distribution

Distributing food grains and other items to villagers of pangi tehsil kalpa, village Bari tehsil nichar in Kinnaur district

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