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Promote Social Welfare

We offer assistance to individuals and families in need, with such programs as health care assistance, food stamps, and unemployment compensation. Lesser known parts of a social welfare system include disaster relief and educational assistance.

Th e handloom and handicraft s sectors make a valuable contribution to our economy; they also have the potential to play a much bigger role given the right environment.

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Promote Kinnauri Religion

The people of lower Kinnaur are mostly Hindus, though some references of Buddhism is also evident. The religion of upper Kinnaur is mostly Buddhism, having the institution of Lamaism. They mostly follow Mahayan Buddhism religion. There are Buddhist temples in many of the villages of these areas yet the followers of this faith do not form a significant group.

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Promote Tourism

Kinnaur provides a cool ambience to all tourists including young and to the old.Lush green valleys, majestic snow capped peaks, meandering rivers, amazing wineyears and mesmerizing apple orchards define the valleys of Kinnaur. Kinnaur is also known as ‘Land of Fairy Tales’. It has a space for all generations. While the youthful and the daring can harness nature’s hilltops, the more laidback traveler can savor the delight of the tranquil mountains and green valleys.

We are bound for promoting tourism in less popular areas by concentrating on the Value for money, comfort and accessibility, entertainment/nightlife, sustainability and political history of any place need a refined touch of technology and innovation.

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Promote Charity

Public relations is a great way to build awareness for a charity, grow the brand, communicate to a target audience and encourage support for the local people who are in actual need.

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